Myths, rumors, and experiments, oh my!

The SEO industry is full of speculation and half-answers.

The second edition of our Ranking Factors ebook is here to address a simple question with many complex answers: Is it a ranking factor?

Rank Meter

We developed our R.F.M. – or Ranking Factor Meter – to detect which category each of the supposed ranking signals fall into. For example, a CONFIRMED Google ranking factor means something directly impacts your rankings in search.

Domain names, social signals, code-to-text ratio – we’ve taken more than 80 SEO concepts and given our verdict.

To help you plan SEO campaigns and make the most of your budget, each chapter of this ebook covers:

  • The claims about each element of SEO.
  • The evidence about that element’s status as a ranking factor.
  • Our final verdict and reasoning.

The second edition includes 25 updated chapters to reflect the ongoing evolution of Google’s algorithms.

So, if you have a specific question or you’re ready to jump in and learn about confirmed Google ranking factors, let’s get started.

Download your Ranking Factors: Fact or Fiction 2nd Edition ebook now.